Coat and Badge, Putney Sun, Apr 14 2019 20:00

The Papercut Prize...

Edward D

A swell Sunday this was to be in the company of such lovely quizzers.
Congratulations are in order for Beth's Basic Boys who rustled up a win with their superior numbers. Half pints all round on their Bar Tab!
'The Quizzy Rascals' won the bottle of wine this evening with a papercut! Early on in the quiz, I gave a conciliatory quarter point to the ladies, for one of their members received papercut from the cards I asked her to shuffle. A plaster was swiftly applied, and eventually, even the quarter point mattered to clinch them the bottle of wine.
Special mention this evening must go to 'Tom Lou', the runners up this evening, who were only three points away from the large team who won and they only had 2 members in their team!
They had a chance to get back at them through with a tie-breaker question for the jackpot! £263 was on the line. When was David Attenborough born? 'Tom Lou' came closest...
8 cards to conquer to get the cash.
A good start with two sevens. Moving on to an ace. It was a bit touch and Go at the nine, just a few more cards to go... Last card, 10, higher or lower? It's another ten!!!
£263 in cold solid cash!!!
A great evening to behold. And I'm looking forward to the Game of Thrones-themed quiz on the 23rd of April at 8 p.m.
See you there!

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