Michael C
Thursday Apr 18 @ 7 pm


A beautiful summery evening in a beautiful summery pub in the beautiful summery Chalk Farm area of beautiful summery North London. 28 beautiful people were ready for a night of summery quizzing at The Pembroke Castle, and would you Adam and Eve it; in only their second Pembroke quiz, Beginners Luck won for the second time!!! When pressed for comment, quizmaster Michael Chalkley simply said, “They won again, in summary.”

Elliot F
Thursday Apr 18 @ 7 pm


That's right, 7 teams were contesting our grand prize this evening but only one could be the victor. And with a wonderful 36 points this week it was the Hipsy Gills who reigned supreme with their fantastic knowledge of Bruce Springsteen and Game of Thrones all combining for the win. There was drama for the second to last prize as a tiebreak question was needed to separate our teams at the bottom but kudos to Nevermind the Jon Snow Bollocks who managed to take that mantle!

Julia H
Thursday Apr 18 @ 7 pm

Coronation Shreet Win The Crown!

Six teams had a roaring good time battling it out for our prizes! With 34 big points, Coronation Shreet were our champions, with Wow Doggie bagging a lovely bottle of rosé for their efforts in second to last. Unfortunately, Exotic Quizotic did not manage the jackpot winnings and scored some tasty crisps instead. See you next week as the massive cash prize rolls over once again, with over £350 up for grabs!

Charles C
Wednesday Apr 17 @ 8 pm

That's right - a baby hedgehog is called a hoglet. You're welcome

Peep Show; Dame Judi Dench; Nigeria being the most populated country in Africa; and red telephone boxes all formed part of the trivia extravaganza at last night's quiz. Putting in a solid performance (not least knowing that 'nyctophobia' is fear of the dark), "Kelly's Heroes" just missed out on the bottle of wine. In the end, having forgotten to write down some of their right answers in the first half, "Awkward Double Date" got the vino but not before demonstrating remarkable anagram-deciphering capabilities. With superb film knowledge, "I Hope I Don't Get Arrested Tonight!" won bronze...

Jason T
Wednesday Apr 17 @ 8 pm

Double tiebreakers keep the Bonaparte busy

It was the night of the tiebreakers at the latest quiz at the Bonaparte. Both key prize positions were decided by the team that got closest to guessing the length of Big Ben's hands or the date on a famous movie treasure map. 'Straight Outta Brompton'' managed to get through the first stage of tonight's big rollover cash jackpot but they didn't manage to get the cash which means there's a fabulous £260 plus bounty next week. Book your tables now!

Chris R
Wednesday Apr 17 @ 8 pm

Welcome to Claphamville!

There were seven teams in the mix this week, with regular winners turned regular winos, Quiztinction Rebellion doing badly in the quiz, (but still getting the wine of shame) but clearing up in the rollover jackpot to share the £200.00 pot! Well done to them, shows that resilience will out eventually! Quiz winners this week, The Sloppy Cum Pockets, came from behind to swallow the leaders, Easter Bunnies, who were docked a point for a 7-man team. Well done to Welcome to Wankerville, a 2-girl team and newbies at the quiz who came a respectable 4th...

Cat B
Wednesday Apr 17 @ 8 pm

Newbies conquer

It was The Stagey Bitches first time at the Baring Hall Hotel Quiz tonight and they absolutely smashed it. Not only winning both the trigger word rounds but also their Creative Round tin foil dragon was chosen by the bar staff as the winner; with a whopping score of 41 they set the bar very high. Great night again in Grove Park, with some lovely familiar faces- make sure to come next week for a brain tickling bonanza!

Victoria S
Wednesday Apr 17 @ 8 pm

The Legend Lives on in Lysia!

Tonight at The Nightingale, we had some mocktails, sang along to The Pretenders, and the blessing in disguise was that we had no cheetahs. We did have winners though, and this week 'Lysia's Legends' took the throne, followed by some 'Friends of Dorothy'. The Jackpot had a GOONIE themed question (Hey You Guuuuys), a need for a tiebreaker question, but then ultimately resulted in 'I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat' winning a bottle of house wine. The £500 is just waiting for someone to find it. Which envelope is it in?? Come and try your...

Mike K
Wednesday Apr 17 @ 8 pm

Dragons storm home

The Dragon lampires were tonight's British Queen Quiz champions by an impressive ten points from their only opponents, The Novices, on what was a very quiet night in Locksbottom. Five points ahead at the interval, they doubled their advantage in the second half, but their opponents nevertheless had a fun night and were happy to finish runners up, despite the lack of opposition

Nigel B
Wednesday Apr 17 @ 8 pm

Newbies scoop the big one.

Hello quizzers. A little quieter than normal but still everyone had a blast tonight. As for the quiz it was a new team that put in a masterful performance to take the honours with a score of 38 points. Big quiz energy put in a great effort with a light team and finished runners up. Congrats go to the luck of the Irish for winning the bottle of wine for second to last place.

Danny M
Wednesday Apr 17 @ 8 pm

Spotted Quiz

This is a great pub to quiz in. Busy, bustling, loud and with loads of teams playing for that coveted quiz crown. And as if that weren't enough, the jackpot STILL hasn't been won, which means that next week one lucky punter will have the opportunity to play for a cash prize in excess of 390 smackers! Come and join the busiest and most competitive quiz in south London every Wednesday at 8.

Tom W
Wednesday Apr 17 @ 8 pm

Game of Gurns

To celebrate the return of Game of Thrones I decided to have my own contests for a crown game of Gurns. Whoever could pull the ugliest face would get a bonus 2 points for their team there were some interesting entries, however one or staying in my nightmares forever truly a terrible mug. Congratulations to this week's winners with a score of 42. JACKPOT HAS BEEN WON!!! £527 Went to team 'Genaration Gap' congratulations guys See you all next time Tom

Rosie D
Wednesday Apr 17 @ 8 pm

Strikes again...

Not only did they steal the jackpot last week but this week big mouth strikes again, strikes again! By winning first place and a 50 pound food and bar tab. This week nobody was lucky enough to go away with the jackpot but this means after a 3 week run of consistent wins we can start building up the money, to make that next win all the more lucky...see you next week!

Katie-Marie A
Wednesday Apr 17 @ 8 pm

Great Quiz

Had a great time covering the quiz at The Brewhouse and Kitchen here in Bedford! Locals here really enjoy the challenge of the anagram question! This week's winners, with a top score of 42 points, were 'The Flip Alferaos', who won themselves a fantastic £25 bar voucher! The jackpot rolls over, it's still growing but join us again next week to test your knowledge for the chance to win the voucher or try your luck at winning the cash jackpot!!

James C
Wednesday Apr 17 @ 8 pm

Newcomers conquer our Quiz

As spring takes its full swing and we're getting used to starting our quiz with broad day light outside, and patrons request for windows to be opened for draughty air to flow through crowded rooms, we welcomed a few newcomers to our event, with names clearly inspired by recent (and tragic) Parisian events. Contrary to recent weeks, our brand new winners - I Don't Know Who Burnt Notre Dame but I have a Hunch... - already enjoyed a very strong 6-point at half time, which they managed to maintain to the very end. The Jackpot rolled...

Debbie B
Wednesday Apr 17 @ 8 pm

Easter Quizzing

The melodious Debbie - Canadian quiz master at this weeks Bull pub quiz - guided the 12 strong pub quiz teams to a hefty prize. The Gong Bath Masters with team captain - Greg - scored a strong win with the Spring Chickens winning the wine. Fun night for all and hope to see you week again at the Bull pub in Islington.

Graham E
Wednesday Apr 17 @ 8 pm

Jackpot Scooped Once Again!

The punters at The Rylston seem to have an almost psychic ability to pick the correct envelope out of the ten in the jackpot game. In fact, we've given away the cash on three of the past four occasions, and the odds of that happening are phenomenal. This time the cash was taken by the three fellas of 'And In First Place', while in the quiz proper the £40 bar tab was collected by 'Moussa Quizoko' with 'Team 7' enjoying the bottle of wine in second-to-last.

Hezron S
Wednesday Apr 17 @ 8 pm


An electrifying tonight at the Royal Oak. As always it was packed here and I was ready to give a great show. Team £2 for the quiz and all I did was get drunk shared their 27th wedding anniversary with us this evening. Getting the jackpot question right they had to play Play Your Cards Right to win £169. With only 3 cards to go they lost it!

Benny A
Wednesday Apr 17 @ 8 pm

Joycies Jackpot Jamboree

Oh Joyce. Joycie Joycie Joycie. What a night you’ve had. Not only did you supply vital knowledge to your fellow team members, helping to secure a brilliant win, you also smashed the jackpot chest open, taking home a total of hundreds of pounds in cash!! Tonight was joyous to behold, with all the prizes I was giving out, I felt like Father Christmas. See you next time!

Graeme W
Wednesday Apr 17 @ 8 pm

Quiztians Keep The Faith For First Win

There were first-time winners at The Hare and Billet this evening, but only just. Rising to the top of a packed and high-scoring field (only 3 out of 14 teams scored in the 20s), Born Again Quiztians took home the £50 bar tab top prize with an excellent 38 points, just one ahead of The Chris Palmer Trio (who are always there or thereabouts) on 37, and two ahead of a trio of teams (The Tabasco Fiasco, And Then There Were 5, and Slartibartfast) tied for 3rd on 36. Further down the table, Marty & The...

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