Keith H
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

Well, wow....

Thankyou every one who decided that indoors is the place to be on such a lovely night, though actually the Jobbers gives us a nice prime position up in the window. I learnt some interesting stuff tonight, especially to beware quoting a certain former premiership player, and it's lovely to see you seize so eagerly on the personalised clues we've woven in. Plaudits to After 909 for a barn-storming performance in what I think we all agreed was a twisty second half. See you all next week. And How Does Jeff Goldblum Do It? meet contortionists,...

Daniel C
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

Quizlings top the league

Tonight’s games were the quizards of OZ, they edged past rival team Quizlings by a single point to top the pile and walk away with a £100 bar tab, but second place Quizlings did get 9 points for their league tally which puts them on top spot there. The aa team finished second from last to win the wine and tonight’s champs almost made it a double winning night as they go to enter our play your cards right round for a chance to enter our cash jackpot, they were unlucky to be drawn a jack...

Charlie T
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

Jungle Dinosaurs Stamp out Competition

It was a funny old quiz at the Drapers Arms tonight. A coupl'a mischievous characters threatened to spoil the event but, on this occasion, nothing was going to rainsoak this parade. Of the 7 teams assembled, only one couldn't take the pressure - the rest doggedly saw it through to the end. Jungle Dinosaurs took the big one with a roaring 33 points (hotly followed by regular contenders Three's a Crowd on 30.) The jackpot rolls on into next week. Come back then for a big-money game.

Graeme W
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

Above Average Winners In A Huge Bohemian Crown

In a crowded field of 18 teams comprised of 71 players, it was always going to be a highly competitive evening’s quizzing at The Bohemia tonight. This Tuesday, however, one team of regulars took their victory in style. The £50 bar tab first prize this week went to Comfortably Average, who chalked up their first win here in a while with a splendid total of 36 points. They were two points ahead of Oliver’s Revenge on 34, and Basement Banditos were a point further back in 3rd on 33. The prize for second last this week...

Elliot F
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

You Can't Teach the New Vic Old Tricks

All of our seven teams this evening had their eyes on the prize, which led to a dramatic three way tie at the halfway stage. Some fantastic scoring in round two however led to The New Vic taking away the grand cash prize tonight. And not only that but the lads on Team No Name managed to find their way to the end of the card run to secure the jackpot prize which had built all the way up to £101 cash! Not a bad way to head into a Wednesday eh?

David G
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

Raging Into First Place!

The Raging Quizbians won the Tuesday night quiz at the Star by Hackney Downs. They picked up the £50 cash first prize in what was a very tight contest. The runners up needed a tie-break question to separate them in what was a tremendous climax to the evening; with the 3rd-placed team also winning the free drink for being fastest to answer the spot-prize question. For a great night, come to the Star by Hackney Downs next and every Tuesday. 8pm!

Verity K
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

VOID vroom to the top!

Tonight at the lovely Atlas pub in very sunny Fulham, regular team Void did phenomenal work and soared straight to the top. Their main talent came when getting all 3 of the very very very hard cryptic Tube Station questions! In second place was team The One With The Pug. They of course came in tow with their beautiful pug, the mighty Wolfgang, and he stole my heart! Thanks to everyone who played and have a lovely rest of your week!

Adam J
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

Those Quizzy Rascals!

Slightly quieter night at Richard 1st, but with eager teams wanting their brains picked. Those tricky cryptic tube station weren’t enough to stop Quizzy Rascals steaming into the lead this humid Tuesday Evening, breaking a long winning streak by the regulars! And well deserved indeed. The bottle of wine was taken by the lovely Numberwang, four girls who found it incredibly difficult, just wasn’t their quiz but got the prize they wanted in the end See you next week for another incredible Summer quiz in Greenwich

Paige W
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

"Braybraniacs" Live Up to Their Name!

Tonight was all about the ties at The Rectory, as we had our three teams all on 13 points as we closed the first round. It was the second round though that really tested our teams' mettle, and separated the "Braybraniacs' from the pack, winning with an impressive 32 points! That left our two remaining teams with 29 points a piece, and a tough tie breaker saw '4th Place' walk away with their well deserved bottle of wine. "That Double EE" wasn't left out in the cold though, as they were up to play for our...

Tyrone A
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

The Boozehounds Run Is Over - The Last Supper Are Back For The Crown In Oval

All good things must come to an end and for The Boozehounds their 3 week winning streak did just that tonight. The Last Supper, regular champs of years past, returned to win this prestigious quiz once more. The £50 bar spend first prize was theirs and the team of SHAG won the bottle of wine for finishing 2nd from last (yes... we reward that type of thing here) All the usual fun and games occurred and all that was missing, sadly, was you. We return on Tuesday on August 6th (and every Tuesday thereafter) and we...

Peter C
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

A close contest

A packed room of competitors filled The Champion for this weeks quiz. Regulars and visitors, from the US and Australia all got quizzical in hope of the prize. At half time the top 6 teams were all within two points of each other..... The "battle" was close.... but snatching victory by just one point in the end, there can be only one,were The Rafferties..... The two lowest scores played off for last and next to last place with "I thought this was speed dating" taking home the wine. Tiny Rebellion won the chance to pick the...

Junior A
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

2 Points Separates Top 3

It was neck and neck all the way to the finish line between the top 3 teams. Team ‘Haven’t decided yet’ just nicked it on the cryptic Tube Station questions. But being such great sports and declaring they wasn’t here for the money they bought the other teams a drink each out of their winnings. ‘We love that’. London Celtics were unlucky on the play your cards right missing when they were let down on the 6th card. Do you think you have what it takes to snatch the Griffin Belle crown? Or do you fancy...

Jason T
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

Fuller Canada Life bring home gold

An excellent effort and team selection saw 'Fuller Canada Life' flourish at the latest Tavern Teasers with a close one point lead on their nearest rivals. The stars must have been in the correct alignment for victory. It was yet another week for a tiebreaker for the wine which requires the tricky skill of being second-to-last. Well done to all and see you in Borough Market soon for Tuesday quiz action!

Ruby P
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

Winner by name but not by nature

They may have been called the winners but... no no no the fabulous regulars with there little pup Jackson took home the £50 bar tab! ‘Jackson 5 for the win!’ But the two lovely lads from Swindon took home the wine:) I wonder if that bottle will make it home?

Skye V
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

Quizzing in the sun!

What's the best way to spend an evening after a hot day? That's right, grab a cold one at the bar and settle in for an evening of quizzing! There wasn't too big of a competition tonight at Alwyne Castle, but enough to make it a party! The Jackpot was not won today, so join us next week for an EVEN BIGGER prize!

Josh M
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

Triumph for Turner & Hooch

What a great night of quizzing! Last night's quiz at The Draft House saw 5 teams battle it out not only for the chance of winning a £50 bar tab but also a £69 jackpot. It was hotly contested too but in the end it was dynamic duo 'Turner and Hooch' who came out on top with a score of 31. Well done guys! 'Spot On You Jeremy Hunt' also did themselves proud by winning the closest to question and thus giving themselves a chance of winning the jackpot. Although they didn't win the game of...

L.A. R
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

Reigning champions strike gold!

Our reigning champions strike again! Formerly known as ‘That Side’ the team have finally settled on a name they hope will continue to bring them gold- The Golden Doubloons! Sporting their recently purchased own gold medals 🏅 as they entered the game with optimism and spirit proved to be a portent of success as they were able to hold them high in victory at the end. Make no mistake, competition was rife and scores were close as all teams took their games to the next level. King of Prussia also welcomes new regulars, Quizteama Aguilera who...

Chris R
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

Daisy Eats Insects!

An eclectic crew of regulars and returnees filled the tables at the Black Lion this week. We had all-boy team Team C, we had all-girl team Sheila's Bi***es and we even had a dog with Daisy Eats Insects! Was a tough quiz, but it was close at the finish, with Daisy eats insects falling behind at the last to come in third, Team C drawing level with The only way is our 6 for a tense tie-break. The rollover Jackpot was £132.00 this week, with 5 'envelopes' to choose from for the lucky team. Daisy Eats...

Edward D
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

QUIZ TEAMS...Assemble...

Cue the soundtrack, and let theme songs go rampant tonight we had a Marvel themed quiz! Teams from all walks of Life came from across London for the ultimate crossover of the Marvel universe trivia. A tough set of questions tonight's and yet teams did not falter, as they had spines made of adamantium. Very well done to the Page Panthers who bagged themselves a bottle of wine this evening for coming second to last place. Apparently the effort was all done by one lady in particular in the team, so congratulations to her specifically for...

Mark H
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

A small but rowdy crowd

Quiz on my face stole into an early lead in the first half but were unable to hold it, Whatever were close behind in the first half and ended up winning it in a close three team photo finish. It wasnt all bad news for quiz on my face though, as their slip from first to third earned them a free bottle of house red!

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