Charlie S
Tuesday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

'Reigning Champions' Hold Their Title 🥇

It was a busy night this week at The Alwyne Castle, with 70 punters across 18 teams. Since first prize is ¾ of entry fees, the winnings were a whopping £105. The 'Reigning Champions' won for a second week, taking home the cash, while there was a tiebreaker for the second-to-last prize of a bottle of wine between 'Team' and 'The Ditch Diggers'. 'Team' won the tiebreaker for the prize, but 'The Ditch Diggers' went on to win the closest-to question for the jackpot. However, they failed to pick the right envelope, meaning the £78 jackpot...

Daniel C
Tuesday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

League 2 ends next week

Next week will be the final week for our second league with previous champs My Angry Nipples scoring 9 points to keep them on top tonight, but with 1 week to do can they maintain their lead to make it 2 league titles in a row. Rival team Jumbo And The Sausages scored a huge 41 points to take our £100 bar tab this week and the teams voted for the wine to go to second to last which was exactly where Troy And The Bengals finishes in their first ever quiz. It was excitement in...

Graham E
Tuesday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

They Didn't Have To Come Far!

A group of friends actually living above the pub -' Quizzically Challenged' - were delighted to collect the bottle of wine on their first appearance at the quiz, after coming second-to-last with a still respectable score of 24. At the other end of the table it was another decisive win for 'Tiny Rebellion', who picked up another £50 bar tab. No one nabbed the jackpot and it should be £250 once again next week!

Liam E
Tuesday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

Back on top

They’ve reclaimed their crown this evening at The Brouge, yes you guessed correctly it’s I SAID THAT and we also had a JACKPOT WIN! It was all going on this evening. Well done to THE TRAVELLING MAYBERRIES who walk away with £160...very nice for Tuesday evening indeed eh!

Mark H
Tuesday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

Something less wanky achieve their happy ending

Something Less Wanky put in a spunky display to come from second place in the first round to finish with an impressive total of 35 points, beating off stiff competition from second finishers Quiz on my Face. The bottle of wine went to 2 lady team Quiztiano Ronaldo, who showed some excellent quizletithicism to take home a lovely bottle of red.

Howard S
Tuesday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

Quiz Biz

Another great quiz at The Bollo and hard fought it was too. Battled to the very last question but there can only be one winner and that winner was Wonderful World. We had the usual Plasticine modelling round where the theme was "Leaving" and as you can see all the teams really out did themselves with some absolutely superb entries. Come and join us next week and bring your sculpture skills!

David G
Tuesday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

East Rises!

East 2 Eastend Block won the Tuesday night quiz at the Star by Hackney Downs. They picked up the £50 cash in what was a great night at the venue. The 2nd placed team, Quiz Martin, won the £25 bartab and also picked up the free drink by being first to answer the spot-prize question. There was a battle for third between the Mavericks and Jerry Adnams Veneers, with the former winning the nail-biting tie-break. For a great night, come to the Star by Hackney Downs next and every Tuesday. 8pm!

Anton T
Tuesday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

Welcome Home Simply Simply Loveleh

When it's your night, it's your night! Fairly quiet in comparison to previous weeks but none the less the four team we had came to play! 1st half was rather tight, just about one point separating the teams until Simply Simply Loveleh turned up the heat and ran away with the win! Welcome back to the Winners Circle Gents!

Matthew F
Tuesday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

Black rod was all over..

....Blackheath as she knocked three times and a plethora of teams arrived at some excellent names for their crowd. “Johnson’s Black Rod is Cummings” brought the house down but it was “The Disloyal Family” that took home the winnings, lording it over the 23 other teams who came out to quiz, winning £85 for their troubles. They’ll come knocking next week for sure.

David J
Tuesday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

Let's get quizzical show they're magical

What a fun night of quizzing at the Peahen!! Let's get quizzical came through with a strong second half showing to take the prize cash draw. In the battle for second last and the coveted bottle of prosecco, there was a tense four way tiebreaker won by the Rejects.

Graeme W
Tuesday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

Adams Spook Replacement Opposition In Tiebreak Drama

On one of the lowest-scoring evenings at The Bohemia in recent memory, it was still a close run thing, with the only two teams scoring in the thirties tied at the top. After 40 questions, Replacement Bus Service and The Adams Family were tied for first on 33 points, with their nearest challengers a full 5 points back (Odd & Sodd and The Lodgers both on 28), and so it came down to an all-important numerical tiebreaker question. In the end, The Adams Family were closest and took home the £50 bar tab first prize (another...

Daniel H
Tuesday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

Quiet For This Place But Still Noisy

On the anniversary of Peter the Great founding the Russian empire, our matryoshkas and hammer and sickle sculptures were a bit uninspired by the usual sculpture standards at the Draft House in Battersea tonight. However scoring was tight with Onward Quiztian Soldiers taking the bar tab while Robin and Her Merry People got through to the Play Your Cards Right round but fell at the second fence, going higher on a four and getting a two. Unlucky, so the Jackpot goes up to £160 next week. See you there. X

Marc F
Tuesday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

How to gin friends and ginfluence people

Tonight saw the inaugural takeover of local gin distillery Hayman's as they brought in free gin for every player and a host of giveaways handed out throughout the quiz. You could barely see people for empty bottles of tonic punctuated with slurred speech from every corner of the pub. And who said we don't give you anything at the Devonshire quiz. No one, I hope, as the massive jackpot was also won last night after '2's company' came within seconds of the guessing the length of the song Bohemian Rhapsody. One of their chapter picked out...

L.A. R
Tuesday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

Full House

King of Prussia was rocking tonight with a full house of teams, all systems go. Mums and daughters, best friends, new friends, girlfriends and boyfriends- they were all there. First half is always smooth sailing with audio questions adding a twist but the creative round was standout as teams composed their 4 line limericks. Taking their poetry quite seriously meant judging was quite difficult and behold we had a winner, ‘The Fighting Mongeese’ who even gave me a mention in their rhyming couplet. Thanks for that! Sadly they were not tonight’s first prize winners. This was...

Tyrone A
Tuesday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

Sniffing For Booze, Sniffing for Glory - Boozehounds Win Again At The Fentiman

Two weeks in a row now. Two weeks in a row that The Boozehounds have again secured the win and the £50 bar spend by just a single point - Not that they will be worrying too much about that. A win is a win and against these fun loving and smart teams, its no small feat. The usual fun, games, spot prizes and free drinks occurred and all that was missing was you... Come and join us next and every Tuesday for 8pm! (but book in advance. This is the hottest event in The Oval).

Celia L
Tuesday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

Yesterday's Specials? More like Today's Champions!

Many competitors came to play for the Wimbledon title tonight, but the team "Yesterday's specials" were in fact today's champions! And what a lucky team indeed- the food at The Woodman looked incredible and i personally wish i had a £50 bar tab to spend on the food on offer!! congrats to team "SW Slicks" that perfectly positioned themselves in second to last place and toasted their victory with their bottle of wimbledon wine!

Elliot F
Tuesday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

Lucky 88

Thirteen teams were on board this evening at the Prince Regent to test their cranial capacities. It was a tight one from the start and our winners this week just squeaked out a two point advantage by the end of the game. So the Yeh Nah team walked away with the top prize of £88 cash! Not bad for a Tuesday evening.

Keith H
Tuesday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

It's a Family Show

Especially for our two HUGE family teams, the Monopolies, and the Whiskers, to say nothing of the Harrow Cousins. Well, I can't say NOTHING of the Harrow Cousins, for of their generosity I must speak; having hit the £20 spot, we found they'd had to leave us, thus donating their bar tab to the next team up, Cole's Law ( whom some of you might recognise as part of other teams), and I'm sure it nothing to do with the fact that they must have had a VERY long journey home. But is was lovely, bouncy,...

Paige W
Tuesday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

The Cards Refuse to Relinquish the Jackpot!

The jackpot is really starting to rack up down at the Rectory, and alas, it remains unclaimed. Our player from 'Pheobe's Angels' got all the way to the last card, when an ill-timed King stole the jackpot! Elsewhere, we had tricky questions including female swans, and horse' ankles, but 'Taffia' managed to beat out the stiff competition for top spot. We're only a week away from out Halloween quiz, folks! Costumes optional but very much encouraged. See you there!

Molly M
Tuesday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

'Eh?!' Strike Back

After a few months away, duo 'Eh?!' returned to the Duke of York and took home first prize. It was great to see them again, alongside regulars the Bambricks, who walked away with second place. Some new teams also made an impression, with one new team, Crazy Choc Monkeys, being brave enough to contest answers! See you all next week for more fun.

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