Hezron S
Thursday Mar 21 @ 8 pm

The elf won!

The Elf’s that We’re from an online bingo company We’re in stark competition with their colleagues Revolutionary. This tension was evident within the quiz tonight, but the elf took the crown much to revolutionary’s dismay. Today We had a microphone for the first time in a long time and this helped to make tonight’s quiz extra awesome!

Jonathon M
Thursday Mar 21 @ 8 pm

Straight from the Airport to the Winning Team!

It was a good night for a team of newcomers "Quiztopher Columbus" - three of whom had just gotten off a plane earlier in the day and decided to do the quiz. It was a fun but tricky quiz, and the real story was the £400+ cash jackpot. Alex had a chance to Play His Cards Right and got very lucky with the cards, which meant his team went home with the cash that has been accumulating since November last year! It was about time! Our £50 bar tab went to "Fork Handles" who beat out...

Christopher W
Thursday Mar 21 @ 8 pm

Teresa’s on our team storm to victory!!

Running away with it at the end, it must really pay to have Teresa on your team!!! "Lola’s Losers" pick up the second to last bowl of peanuts again but steadily getting bigger scores every time. In an exciting tiebreaker for second place, DA Management just clinch it at the end over "Dallingers Dingbats" with their Knowledge on Microsoft!

Jessica S
Thursday Mar 21 @ 8 pm

Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks

We had seven lovely teams competing for our prizes tonight at The Plough. After the first half The Gits (formerly known as The Old Gits) and "Quizzy Rascals" were both on 18 points but after a 1 point deduction for "Quizzy Rascals" for a large team, that left "The Gits" one point ahead. They managed to maintain their lead throughout and finished the quiz 3 points ahead of the next team. A wonderful lead and a well deserved and long overdue win for "The Gits!" "Dead Lucky" won the chance to play for the jackpot, but...

Verity K
Thursday Mar 21 @ 8 pm

8 days out of jail rob a win!

Tonight at the lovely Arab Boy we took quizzing to new heights- there was a Mexican wave competition, there were free drink winners, there was a very intense round of true or false to win the jackpot, and many free drinks were snaffled! Brilliant Two-man team "8 days left in jail" won the £50 bar tab, while couple "Quistina Aguilera" won the bottle of wine!

Daniel C
Thursday Mar 21 @ 8 pm

Jack pot winning Thames Great Whites

We had a Jack pot winner tonight as "Thames Great Whites" got our closest too question by a very narrow margin to enter our wheel if fortune round and walked away with tonight's jackpot. Returning champs Revoke Teresa were our top team on 39 points to get themselves a £50 bar tab and we needed a tie breaker for our bottle of wine, returning team "Japanese Peace Lillies" were tied with first time players "Molsester City", it was close but team "Peace Lillies" came closest too to go home with a bottle of wine.

Graham E
Thursday Mar 21 @ 8 pm

To Victory And Beyond!

It was a busy night in Streatham as 11 teams battled it out for the prizes. After a highly competitive contest, it was 'Beyond The Vale' who just edged it, by a point, to claim the £40 bar tab. 'Risky Quizness' picked up the wine for second-to-last, while 'The Hags' had the misfortune to draw a pair in 'Play Your Cards Right', which means the cash jackpot increases to £275 next week!

Charlotte H
Thursday Mar 21 @ 7 pm

Aussies Dominated the Duchy Arms (in London!)

A brilliant night of trivia, pies and parties was had. Brilliant banter, Aussies battling out the challenge we brought to the table, all brought together by Aussies in London! 4 X me senseless weren’t too senseless as they took out the first place bar tab of £40 for the Duchy Arms in a tiebreaker session, closely followed by Parma and a Pom. Aussies in London also raised lots of money for the 256 Youth Platform- supporting youth in poverty in Uganda, through a raffle with world-class prizes! A brilliant night for an excellent cause! Duchy Arms...

Tom K
Thursday Mar 21 @ 7 pm

Cornish Free Traders sweep to victory again!

It was a second win in a row for the Cornish Free Traders who set out their stall early with impressive full marks in the first half. Despite the best efforts of the competition, no one could catch them and they walked away with the bar tab. Elsewhere, the team of two "You’re A Quizzard Harry" ‘purposefully’ sabotaged their second half so they could claim a bottle of wine for 2nd to last... and did so absolutely perfectly. Join us in 2 weeks time on the 4th April for more great prizes, free drinks, tricky questions...

Benny A
Thursday Mar 21 @ 7 pm

Beef Renduuumb

A jolly old evening it was down at the Gipsy Hill Taproom, where six teams faced off in a general knowledge battle royale. There could only be one winner, and it was "Throbbing Members" who fought off previous winners "Quiztal Palace Quiz Pals" and "Beef Rendang" to be crowned this weeks champions. The jackpot rolls over to £135 next week so make sure you're there to be in with a chance of nabbing it!!

Michael C
Thursday Mar 21 @ 7 pm

Unlucky for some

For those amoungst you who are superstitious, look away now. 13 teams converged on The Pembroke Castle in good ol Camden Town. With 46 quizzers settled in to their seats, a tense, tumultuous, and .... something beginning with T quiz ensued, with many a titter along the way. By the end of the night, the adorable "Ickle Pickle" won the night. When pressed for comment, quizmaster Michael Chalkley simply said: “They’re so cute!”

Julia H
Thursday Mar 21 @ 7 pm

Starter for 10... Universally Challenged Claim Victory!

After a nail-bitingly close first round, round two brought some head scratchers that widened the rankings slightly. Winning the top prize tonight were Team "Universally Challenged", though nipping at their heels were late joiners "Game of 2 Halves" who were only one point behind! However, with some stellar knowledge of the length of the Thames, they won a crack at our jackpot envelopes. Unfortunately, they only managed to win some crisps, so the jackpot prize will top 200 quid next week! Don't miss out!

James C
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

On a night with many newbies, a team of veterans takes the prize!

This week, we had just about half as many competitors as last week, with about a 50/50 split between newcomers and veterans to our quiz. After a tightly fought first half, where only 1 point separated the top trio, the usually much challenging 2nd half didn't separate the top 3 much further, with a mere couple of points difference between our winners and 2nd-from-bottom/3rd from top squad. The Jackpot provided another anticlimax with the initial 2 of spades being immediately succeeded by the 2 of diamonds, rolling onto a respectable £315 next week!

Tom W
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Riddle me this

This week at the Railway Tavern I challenged teams to a written riddle. I gave each team the riddle I had written down and ask them to solve it. The quickest with the correct answer got the bonus points only one team managed to get the answer right. Congratulations to the boys from cloaklands FC on the narrow victory this week! Again the jackpot has rolled over and the money will be over £300 next week. See you all next time, Tom

Graeme W
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Tabasco’s Hot Streak Continues

'The Tabasco Fiasco' continued their rich vein of form at The Hare and Billet this evening with another victory, despite a superb latter-half surge from their nearest challengers. TTF took home the £50 bar tab first prize by posting an excellent 37 points, two ahead of 'I Can’t Believe It’s Not Putin', who only dropped a couple of points in an astounding second-half to end up on 35. An honourable mention must also go to 'Not Here', who manage to salvage 32 points in the end, despite only clocking up 10 points in the first half....

Marnie N
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

The Will of The People

Wow. It was packed to the rafters at The Bull tonight! We had lots of new teams and a few big teams who split and played a grudge match between themselves! The first half saw 'Don’t Kiss' and 'Desperately Seeking FuFan' both at the top spot but the FuFans pipped them to the cash pot by one little point to take a hefty £150!!

Howard S
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

'Richard Of York'

Went a quizzing and won! In a busy, little quiz there was, as can be seen, one clear winner BUT they didn't win the Jackpot! No that was the honour of 'We Are Souls Of Chiswick' who got the Jackpot question right and played for and won £60! Not bad for a Tuesday night right?

Cat B
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

"Barflies" win again!

Exciting quiz tonight! One team came along with a light-up magnifying glass, impressively prepared for the atmospheric lighting in Grove Park this fine Wednesday evening! With a slight marking mishap, Plan B thought they had claimed back their victory from the week before, however after some recounting it was discovered that "The Barflies" had once again come out on top! Looking forward to next week at The Baring Hall Hotel.

Victoria S
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Ron's Dons Reign

A full house tonight at The Nightingale with 15 quiz worthy teams with their eyes on the 1st prize. We had a little toilet trouble with one of the questions, but found some relief thanks to MC Hammer, and an almost appearance by The Cookie Monster! It was a close call, but in the end 'Last Orders' had to settle for 2nd place, while 'Ron's Dons' came back strong after being M.I.A. last week, winning their 7th 1st place prize. The evening culminated in a Gone With the Wind frenzy for the Jackpot, where 'Universally Challenged'...

Anne W
Wednesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Hat Trick for Eddie Quizzard!!

So the third week in a row 'Eddie Quizzard' take the win!! I challenge anyone to knock them off the leader spot! My very first winners, 'CALU' took the Jackpot of £214 tonight :D and 'She and Tee' walked away with a mini keg on their date night, after 49 years of marriage!!! It was an exciting night all round! Hopefully, we’ll see two new teams next week that wanted to play but couldn’t because of time constraints.... so next week is looking like a fun week. Come and join at the top of the high...

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